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hodl diamond hands binance smart chain
hodl diamond hands binance smart chain

NFT Collection on

We have created a unique NFT Collection available on, now you can stake SHOW tokens and receive limited NFT’s 

About The Show

The Crypto Show Is A Game Show Ecosystem Where The HOST Is The Smart Contract And The PLAYERS Are EVERYONE At Home!

The Crypto Show Is A Multiplayer LIVE Real-Time Trivia Game Dapp Hosted On The Blockchain And Using The Blockchain’s Unbelievable Features To Create The Biggest Self Sustaining Trivia Game Show Ever.

For Our Game Show Concept We Chose The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Blockchain As The Foundation Of Our Decentralized Application. We Wanted To Make Sure To Choose A Blockchain That Would Be Very Fast, Very Cheap And That Has Many Users To Push Our First Game To Perfection. 

In The Future Our Team Plans To Create More Games That Will ALL Rely On Our SHOW Token.

The Crypto Show Will Have Its Own Native Token. The Initial MAX Amount For SHOW Tokens Is 99,000,000 (99m) BUT Will Gradually Be Reduced As Game Rounds Continue. SHOW Is A Deflationary Token With BURN Mechanism That Will Be Used In Every Round Of Our Game, Meaning The Total Amount Will Slowly Shrink, Making SHOW Token Even More Scarce. 

Our Token SHOW Will Be Incepted As BEP-20 Token (BSC Based Token) And Will Used To STAKE, PLAY And Soon GOVERN And FARM Using Our Growing Game Show Ecosystem, Also In Our Next Games To Come.

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How The Game Works

Every 90 seconds the game will Present you with a QUESTION and Multiple options for the ANSWER, You will have 20 Seconds to answer the question, EACH question has a set amount of BNB needed to participate in that round. It's not gambling if you know your answers.

So Who Wins?

Participants who answered correctly will WIN the BNB amount that was collected by ALL the participants for that ROUND, 9% of EVERY ROUND will be used to buy SHOW Tokens, 2/3 from the 9% will be added to the PROFIT POOL and 1/3 will be BURNED Out Of Circulation.


The Profit Pool will be made of SHOW Tokens that were purchased in Decentralized Exchanges throughout the day from EVERY ROUND participated using 9% from BNB collected, and can be claimed by the Staking Pool Share Holders.

The SHOW Token can be STAKED by Holders in order to receive a share of the Profit Pool. It will ALSO be used Helpers or Extra Power in our games. In the future SHOW will have GOVERNANCE and FARMING abilities and Bring New Features & Extra CONTROL to Holders.

As a user who STAKE in our Staking pool you can earn multiple rewards. You can choose to stake either SHOW or SHOW-LP Token. You can get SHOW-LP by providing liquidity to Decentralized Exchanges Such as PancakeSwap. By staking SHOW-LP Tokens in our staking pool You will earn from both pools and maximize your passive earnings in The Crypto Show!

The Profit Pool And Show Logic

The idea of the game is very simple and fits the world of decentralization perfectly! The more players join the bigger the JACKPOT becomes > The bigger the Jackpot becomes – SHOW token becomes more scarce and more valueable!

Every player that confirm the answer add 5$ worth of BNB to the Jackpot > The players who answered correctly will share the Jackpot as reward – But pay attention: Before they share the reward, 9% of the reward goes towards buying SHOW tokens on PancakeSwap and BURNING 1 Third! (1/3) The otgher 2 Thirds will go as a rewards for SHOW token holders that choose to stake (SHOW or SHOW-LP)

The Crypto Show

TOKEN SUPPLY : 99,000,000



Token Supply Slowly Decreases By BURN

The Crypto Show


STAKING POOL REWARDS 42m Will Be Used To Award Users Who STAKE Our Token in Our Staking Pool During The First Year Of Our Project In Addition To The 6% Added By The Game Contract’s.

TOKEN PRE-SALE 36m Tokens Will be Distributed To Our Early Adopters Of SHOW Token In A Special Event With A Special Price That Will Occur Before SHOW Token Enters Exchanges.

TEAM 9m Tokens Will Be locked by the smart contract and will be preserved for the Crypto Show Team for future purposes including future development and Farming/liquidity providing.

DEX-LP 6m Tokens Will Go Towards Our Liquidity Pools In Order To Support And Supply DEX (Decentralized Exchanges) With SHOW Tokens And BNB, BUSD Pairs Ready In The Market.

BOUNTY 6m Tokens Will Go Towards Our Community’s Effort To Create The Biggest Decentralized Question Data Base Ever. Please Refer To Our Bounty Page For More Information.

The Crypto Show Team

Our team is built from experienced developers that have decided to dedicate their programming skills solely to create decentralized apps with useful cases. Due to the current nature and regulation of the cryptocurrency market out team has decided to remain anonymous  and to allow our code to prove itself for the community’s trust. We believe that “CODE is LAW” and that a good use case is all a DApp needs to succeed in the crypto land for the long term!

Marketing Exposure Princess

Dedicated to getting our game to scale in right hands using her amazing search engine optimization skills and techniques

Smart Contract Chief

Dedicated to creating , deploying and Always Resting our smart contracts, comes packed with a lot of experience in Solidity and C

Main Full Stack Warrior

Dedicated to creating JavaScript React applications using Websockets to make our games always LIVE and always REAL-TIME

More About The Team

Our team is working hard to bring to the world the first game show ecosystem built on the blockchain using only smart contracts and ALWAYS runing LIVE and REAL-TIME.

During the process of building the foundation to the ecosystem we we hire more developers in order to ALWAYS keep new features and updates coming out!

Once we make our first game concept we will go on to making the next game – ALL games will operate using the SHOW Token and its STAKING/BURNING Mechanism which will make the SHOW token very scarce.

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binance smart chain roadmap

➊ Concept is born - Decentralized Game show ecosystem is under developmenet.
➋ Beta game release for users to try our first game.
➌ Token creation and trading on PancakeSwap Liquidity added.
➍ Community engagement.

binanace smart chain roadmap

➊ Website re-design and focus on full power marketing.
➋ SHOW and SHOW-LP Staking pools.
➌ Game engine integration with SHOW token and Smart Contracts on BSC Binance Smart Chain.
➍ New Word Lottery feature.

binanace smart chain roadmap

➊ Farming SHOW is open.
➋ The Crypto Show NFT collection is released.
➌ Users can now trade The Crypto Show NFT's on Opensea.
➍ New game release for The Crypto Show ecosystem - "Wheels Of Fortune".

binanace smart chain roadmap

➊ Marketing outside of the Crypto Realm to onboard users who are new to crypto.
➋ 3rd game release.
➌ Full work on achieving full decentralization for The Crypto Show ecosystem.
➍ Integration of more blockchains.


We Need You the Community to Create the Best Questions for Our Mainnet Show.

in Addition to the Questions That Our Team Will Add We Will Be Happy to Receive Questions From You and Use Them in Our Crypto Show.

We Need Questions That Cannot Be Solved Easily Using Google!